Natascha Mattmüller
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2005-2007 Acting- training with Manfred Callsen & Jens Korz

2006 Acting training with Bettina Beer

2009/28/29.11 Workshop „moviemakers“ with Wolfgang Wimmer

2009/13.12 Workshop „Source Tunin“ with Jens Roth

2010/22-29.8 Workshop in Warschau acting training Czechow und Staniewski method, with Tomasz Zadrozny and Aneta Groszynska

2011/7-12.10 Workshop with Rena Mirecka in Institut I.M. Jezego Grotowskiego (Grotowski workshop)

2011/20.10.11 Workshop with Roberta Carreri (E. Barba, Oddintheater)

2011/19 - 20.11 Camera acting workshop with Frank Kirschgens

2012/23.09-30.09 Camera acting+Showreal with Norman Schenk

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